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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

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401k Plans

Is Your 401k Plan the Right Fit?

An employer sponsored retirement plan can provide an attractive benefit to your company, serving as a desirable perk for retaining and attracting qualified employees. It doesn’t hurt to have an amazing blow-out of a Christmas Party too!


A fiduciary over a 401k plan is responsible for making sure the plan meets the needs of your employees, and is compliant with IRS regulations. Regularly, we find employer plans that provide the minimum, and are kept in place simply because “it works”. Often, these neglected plans are not completely compliant , and may even incur penalties from the IRS.

Do You hear from your Current 401k Advisor Annually? Having a dedicated advisor can help you develop a plan that fits the needs of your business, your employees, and keep you compliant. Our goal is to minimize the annual Retirement Plan Headache employers suffer. We believe in the relentless pursuit of unique custom experiences with the professional human touch. Our team is committed to serving America along the path to a Secure Tomorrow.

403B Plans

A 403(b) plan is similar to a 401(k), except they are set up for employees of public schools and tax exempt organizations. 403(b) plans typically allow for the same contribution limits as 401(k) plans. Employees with a 403(b) are also eligible for match contributions. When an employee reaches 15 years of service they may become eligible to make catch-up requirments.

Cash Balance Plans

Need to Put Away More for Retirement?

A Cash Balance Plan is a more modern version of the old defined benefit pension plan. Having a cash balance plan in addition to a 401k can help strengthen an employer's retirement plan, and give you more tax benefits.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)

Traditional IRA

A traditional IRA is a retirement account into which individuals make pre-tax contributions.  These contributions grow tax-deferred until your retirement, at which point taxes will be paid on the withdrawals.

Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is a retirement account into which individuals make contributions after taxes.  This allows your money to grow tax-free as well as having tax-free withdrawals after the age of      59 ½ .


A simplified employee pension is an easy-to-establish tax-deferred retirement savings plan set up and contributed to by an employer. While this provides tax breaks for the business owner, the employee is able to manage the investment decisions of their plan like a traditional IRA. SEP IRAs are best used by small businesses or self-employed individuals to better fund their retirement. SEP IRAs contribution limits are much higher than a traditional IRA at 25% of the employee’s compensation up to $58,000, and allow the employer to determine how much to contribute each year.

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