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  • Wendell Brock

You Can Do Hard Things!

You can do more than you think. It’s true. Sometimes we face difficulties, things that when they stand looming before us, seem insurmountable, but don’t let that fool you. You can do hard things.

No one can escape trials, whether it be a lost job, moving and starting over, losing a loved one, lost or failed opportunities, or just overall disappointment. Hardship and trials are not limited to any one group of people, we all experiences them at some point, but how you handle those bumps in the road can very well determine your character.

This is not a reason to become a pessimist, on the contrary, use this foreknowledge to be optimistic. Recognize that you can plan, and work, and prepare today so that when hard things happen in the future you are better prepared.

We’ve all heard of “mind over matter,” meaning your mind has influence over your physical body and surrounding environment. This can be called mental strength, determination, or resilience. When you are mentally strong you can focus your energy on the things pressing in on you and overcome. You can learn to keep a positive focus, blocking out doubts and assumed weakness. Some people do this through positive affirmations, others through meditation, or some might just push through with tenacious persistence. However you go about it, try to see every problem as an opportunity to learn and grow.

When you develop mental toughness, personal limitations break down and open the way for incredible things. One way we can develop this mental fortitude is to welcome the challenges of life and see them as learning opportunities where we can practice and strengthen our abilities. Just like a weight lifter needs increasing resistance to get stronger, so too do we need the challenges of life to develop resiliency.

Another way we can develop mental fortitude is to work on our confidence. Learn to believe in yourself and your own capacities. When we doubt ourselves or let fear creep in it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and as soon as this happens we lose our momentum. Sometimes we fear the unknown that changes or hardship can bring. Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable. Growth starts just outside our comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, or the situation you may find yourself in. Humor gives us strength and confidence. It chases away the scary shadows and allows us to take a breath and see through new eyes. Laughter is a stress reliever and can make the uncomfortable more tolerable.

It’s important to take time to rest and reset. Challenges can wear you down, they take a lot of extra energy. Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far and allow yourself the time and space to gather yourself for the next big hurdle.

If you find yourself at a point where life is too hard and you begin to feel overwhelmed, try reaching beyond yourself and your circumstances and help someone that is also going through a hard time. When you give to someone, whether it be a physical gift or service, your brain releases a mix of chemicals that actually give you a mental boost and lift your mood. Helping others will actually help you!

We all have seen some hard times the last couple of years, and there’s no telling what will come in the future. The time is right to choose positivity and courage. Overcome the negative thoughts and voices. Remember- you can do hard things!

Photo 1 by Ian Stauffer

Photo 2 by Anway Pawar

Photo 3 by Christian Bowen

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1 Comment

Hank Brock
Hank Brock
Feb 07, 2023

Well said Wendell. We just need to remember it.

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