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Tis the Season of Giving - Machines!

December swoops in in a rush, bringing thoughts of jingle bells, twinkle lights, Christmas shopping, and parties. The stores are decked in signs and banners advertising holiday sales, the latest gadgets, and trending must-haves. In the hustle and bustle of Commercial Christmas it does one good to slow down and remember the most meaningful part of Christmas - giving.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to give, especially to those who have little. This year, consider an option that makes giving to those in need as easy as buying a candy bar from a vending machine.

Light the World Giving Machines made their debut in 2017. Since then, they have raised more than $22 million in donations for both local and global charities. Their purpose, to make giving instant, memorable, and fun. They are set up exactly like a vending machine. You select from the listed items, swipe a credit or debit card, and a card representing your gift drops into the receiving bin, allowing you to see the donations pile up.

This year, a mobile Giving Machine will make its way through Texas, arriving in the North Texas area December fifth. The first stop will be in Fort Worth in Sundance Square. From there it will travel to Grapevine, and then McKinney. Visitors to the Giving Machines can purchase items for people in need both in Texas and around the world.

The locations and dates are:

Sundance Square, Fort Worth Dec. 5-7

Grapevine Dec. 9-17

Downtown McKinney Dec. 19– Jan. 1

Giving Machines partner with eight local charities as well as two global ones. Every penny of your donation goes to the item you select and is delivered by the participating charitable organizations. This is made possible because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers all the operating costs of each Giving Machine, including credit/debit card fees, making your donation even more impactful.

If you are not living in an area where Giving Machines will be set up, you can still donate online at Your donations to the Giving Machines are tax deductible; you can get a receipt by text or email.

This Christmas take a moment, whether at a Giving Machine or by some other means, to bring light into someone’s life who may feel as though they are in darkness. Share the joy and love of the holiday.

For more information and to see a list of participating charities go to

From all of us at Yield Financial, we hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.

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