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  • Wendell Brock

The Yestion Mark™

Most of you know me, as I have either worked with you for many years, or a few months, I have been in some aspect of the financial industry since 1987. Though based in McKinney, Texas, I am able to help clients all over the country.

Years ago, I was meeting with an easy-going couple. They asked me a question that could have been answered with either a “yes” or a “no.” Being a little silly, I answered, “Yes, you can’t.” We got a chuckle from my oxymoronic answer, as we addressed their needs. Explaining my answer helped them understand that depending on their choices and overall goals, they could choose either strategy. They could proceed with the “yes” strategy, but it would take them down a road that wasn’t advisable. The “no” answer would give them a more positive solution.

Since that conversation I have given that answer, or one similar, to thousands of different questions people have asked. “Yes, you could proceed, but it may lead to an unsound position and might not have the best results.” Or perhaps, “yes, you could make that choice, but there could be something better.” It seems we always have choices.

Some time later I was meeting with a good friend of mine to discuss some marketing ideas. I was trying to come up with a logo that would represent the foundational ideals of my business. One important thing that I have always believed in is the ability to act, do something, or make progress towards a goal.

Being that I am, what I would say, a realistically positive person, I really do like to tell people, “Yes you can do this!” Why not develop a mark or symbol that represents a “YES” answer? Our discussion led to creating something similar to the

exclamation point, hence the Y with a dot under it. It was during this brainstorming session we developed what we named a Yestion Mark™.

The dot represents each of us on a path, and just like in the Y, our path will diverge with choices we encounter on a daily basis. Some of those choices can seem small and insignificant, while others may seem big. It’s times like these that we all need more encouragement and support. The Yestion Mark means, “YES! You can do this; YES! You can accomplish your goals!”

Part of my mission as a financial advisor has always been to help people make choices that will solidify their future in an uncertain world. To do that I advise my clients to make choices that Yield a Secure Tomorrow.

It's not always easy to Secure Tomorrow. Thankfully, we as people are able to do hard things, it's in our nature. That’s how we grow. I love assisting people with this growth process. At the start of a new year, as we all look to improve our current circumstances, when questions arise, remember I am here to help!

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