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  • Wendell Brock

It’s a Walk In the Park

424. That’s the number of national parks in the United States. Though most people think of the grand sprawling parks like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and the Everglades, our national parks encompass far more than the 63 traditional “National Parks.” There are national preserves, monuments, memorials, historical sites, battlefields, as well as recreational areas. Beyond that, that are over 3,700 state parks in the U.S. covering more than 14 million acres.

So why do we have so many designated parks? Why should we care?

State and national parks provide an array of recreational opportunities in a relatively close setting. These parks also serve as protected spaces preserving natural resources, wildlife, habitats, fresh water sources, and clean air. Having clean green spaces ensures the health of our environment and helps maintain healthy ecosystems. Whether it’s a quick getaway or an extended trip, visiting a state or national park can be an enriching and memorable experience. Those experiences help fill our gratitude bucket, deepening our appreciation for our country’s diverse landscape, resources and history.

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