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Don’t Take Chances With Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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It’s a well known fact, over half of what a person spends on medical care during their lifetime will be spent during their retirement years.


Turning 65 you join the group of Medicare recipients, whether or not you are taking your Social Security payments. Simply stated, you are now eligible to sign up for a Medicare Supplement policy. The last thing you want to worry about during retirement are the headaches dealing with the many Medicare shortfalls…


Medicare Supplement Policies are designed to pay for things like co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance that you are responsible to pay out-of-pocket. Something you don’t want to mess with as you age in retirement.


Here are three problems you will face, 

  1. Which company to choose? There are so many choices out there and everyone is calling you trying to take your time to sell you their policy.  

  2. A supplement policy is something you are going to have for a very long time, perhaps the rest of your life. Will your current care selection take care of you now and in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.

  3. There are many different supplement plans: A, B, C, D, E, G, K, L, N; which one is right for you?


You may not know this, but because of a company’s poor experience or other factors relating to the coverage provided, some companies may chose to leave a particular market. Leaving you high and dry, forcing you to find and qualify for new coverage during the next open enrollment period. If you have some health issues, that could be very problematic, and very expensive. After all, who wants to be any age in retirement, and need to find new Medicare Supplement coverage?


Luckily for you there is a solution. Think of it: a selection of Medicare Supplement Policies that will cover you from age 65 to death. They were developed by a leading company that is financially stable, and has superb customer care. Over 95 percent of claims are paid within 48 hours. They have been providing this coverage for over 50 years and are one of the most experienced companies in the business.


You can rest easy, they have a long Texas history, they are not leaving this state!


How do you decide? All we do is explain and educate; it’s our labor of love. You will find what you need, matched to you. Our visit will take the guess work out of your decision. 


It’s time to take one more retirement worry off your plate! 

We have streamlined the process, providing you the critical information needed. At last! You may choose the Medicare Supplement coverage you can have confidence in, and depend on for many years to come!


Click here to book an appointment, or call to set up my appointment.


Call today to get a plan tailored to your needs, or book an appointment to visit with an advisor.



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